Our Approach


We are a partner for EPC contractors and power plant operators for a comprehensive range of services around steam/water analysis systems, from on-site assessments, concept definitions to SWAS project specifications.  


We offer consulting services and trainings. Furthermore, we invest in the development of improved sample conditioning components and solutions. We share our knowledge and publish technical lectures.   


Sampling System Design 

When designing a sampling system, we focus on the following key elements: 


  • Understanding the process from which the sample originates and the purpose of the measurements 
  • Ensuring proper transport of the sample from the extraction point to the sampling station 
  • Conditioning of sample temperature, pressure and flow in all operating conditions 
  • Measuring the required parameters with suitable and reliable instruments 
  • Providing remote measurement signals and alarms allowing clear validation of the key measurements at DCS level.  


For the detail design, we always take into account the following: 


  • Suitable structure / housing design for expected ambient conditions to ensure long operating life of the equipment 
  • Modular design on both sample conditioning and instrumentation side to allow consistent an easy operation, maintenance and upgradeability.  


We can supply sampling systems with various levels of automation, from manually operated sampling stations with 4..20mA signal exchange to fully automated stations with fieldbus based signal exchange.